DHS response

DHS was initially set up in response to the urgent need to act to save our country from the ravage of diabetes and hypertension mostly, however DHS has diversified and broadened its scope to fight other diseases such as Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and other preventable and non-communicable diseases as well as to salvage a good portion of the huge resources consumed by these diseases with the aim of bringing hope and a brighter future to all that we encounter.

Since we began operations in 2006 until the ending of December 2013, we have a database of over 57,000 persons whom we have had one-on-one encounter with, testing their blood sugar & pressure, testing for Malaria, BMI, counselling, treatments, distribution of mosquito nets and de-worming. Our records show that 30% of our database exhibited high blood sugar whilst about 19% exhibited high blood pressure.

DHS also runs media health education programmes; Health Tips with Adanma Odefa –AIT KAAKAKI weekdays 06:45hrs; Leadership Newspaper Mondays and National Assembly Digest.