About Us: DHS Story

It has been11 years now since I lost my dad at the cruel hands of diabetes. Initially I did not understand why he died.  I eventually realised he had died of diabetes. What shocked me the most was that he was as healthy as the proverbial Ox even till his last day. This is what makes diabetes scary.  Immediately my mom heard about my dad’s demise she developed high blood pressure and till today, 11 years later she still suffers high blood pressure. I vowed I would not let anyone on my watch die of diabetes and hypertension hence the founding of Diabetes and Hypertension Help Society (DHS).

On one of our numerous field trips to the communities, I met a young widow who lost her only child to malaria it was a sad day for me, I realised we could do even more than focus on diabetes and hypertension. We returned to the community 2 months later, tested a total of 200 people and treated a hundred and nine people who tested positive for malaria. We also distributed 200 insecticide-treated mosquito nets to the Individuals who were tested.

Hence we have decided to become more diverse, delving into youth and adolescent reproductive and sexual  health and also de-worming of children. We also hope to delve into other aspects of health care down the road so that we are not limited from meeting needs as they cross our path hence our new name Diverse Health Help Society (DHS). The need is great, the ignorance immense. I restate my commitment to make this a life long journey to bring better health to the communities that come under our radar.

 Adanma Odefa (CEO)


Lothar - After founding and running DHS for eight years now, we are just getting started in a lifelong mission of fighting diabetes, hypertension, malaria and promoting better health in the society. We have also delved into other areas of health, our ultimate aim being to reach the populace who have no access to good health. That is why we-myself, Adanma and our team of foreign and local volunteers deserve to have your help.

Not everyone can make a difference but, because of your ability and your position, you can. That is our common goal! So join us and let us create a healthier society not just for us but for our children and their children and beyond.

Lothar Rapior (Co-Founder)